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Why Should I Set Up a Cleaning Business?

If you are interested in setting up a business of your own, the cleaning industry offers opportunity, freedom and great potential earnings. Here we list five reasons why an increasing number of entrepreneurs are opting to start up cleaning businesses.

1. A warm welcome…

With entry to the industry very open and demand for services rising steadily, you’ll soon find yourself at home. There are no industry qualifications required to begin a cleaning business, so positive references and a good sales pitch will be all you need to win over potential clients.

2. …to a flourishing market

Domestic and commercial cleaning is a growth industry and the demand for services continues to rise. The market is a vast and vibrant one, so there is plenty of opportunity to find a niche market, be it in standard home and office services or by offering specialist solutions.

3. Affordable start-up costs

The initial outlay of starting a cleaning business is relatively low, with the basic cleaning products you will need available cheaply, especially when bought in bulk from a wholesaler. If you are specialising in industrial cleaning, equipment can be rented cheaply or purchased second hand.

4. Financial gain

Demand for cleaning assistance is high, so new businesses have a great chance to gain work and charge competitive rates. Low overheads make it easy to make a profit, so with plenty of hard work and good book-keeping you’ll soon find your business is making money.

5. A genuine work/life balance

Owning your own company provides a unique opportunity to balance your work responsibilities and personal life. Whether it’s controlling the hours that you work or moulding your business around your family responsibilities, self-employment offers a refreshing work/life balance.

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