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How Starting a Cleaning Franchise Can Change Your Life!

For an increasing number of people in the UK, the prospect of starting and building a business is becoming a reality. Here we explain why opening a cleaning franchise is a great way to change the way you live your life and build for the future.

A fresh start

Whether you feel unsettled in your current career, find yourself looking for a new challenge or simply want the opportunity to try something different, a cleaning franchise offers the chance to make a fresh start.

Starting a brand new business offers a unique opportunity to optimise skills and ideas you’ve always wanted to use and take a new direction in your professional life.


Running your own business gives you complete freedom to make the decisions that really affect the day-to-day operation of your company and to dictate your own working standards and operations.

You also have the chance to map out the long-term goals of your business and determine progress and growth in line with your own ambitions.


Self-employment offers the freedom to manage how and when you work, allowing you to balance your professional and personal commitments in a way that suits your life away from work.

The cleaning industry is rarely restricted to a 9 til 5 environment, so you’ll find far greater scope to arrange your working responsibilities around your personal life, rather than the other way around.

Financial stability

The cleaning industry is a boom sector with the demand for domestic, commercial and specialist services greater than ever. Your ambition, determination and hard work will play a major part in the success of your business - but there’s plenty of opportunity to make a comfortable living!

If you would like to experience the many benefits of starting a cleaning franchise, contact our friendly support team today and take the first step to business ownership!