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Advice for Franchisees - Summer Cleaning Contracts to Target

One of the most positive aspects of operating a commercial cleaning franchise is that the market stays fairly steady all year round. No matter whether it is the coldest part of winter, or the brief bit of summery weather that we get in the UK if we are lucky, businesses around the country still require a range of different cleaning services.

However, there are times of the year that cleaning franchisees can take advantage of seasonal contracts, for example, we can provide gritting and de-icing for commercial grounds during winter, helping to improve health and safety for business of all sizes.

In this blog, we look at some contracts that franchisees should be looking for in the lead up to summer:

Factory shutdowns

During the summer, it’s quite normal for businesses in the manufacturing industry to shut down for a week or two. Whilst production may come to a standstill, this isn’t to say that activity in a factory will stop completely during a summer shutdown – this is the perfect time for essential maintenance work, redecorating and of course, deep cleaning. Whilst factories require regular cleaning, the summer break is the perfect time for more intensive factory cleaning, especially after any maintenance work has been carried out.

Schools, colleges and universities

As institutes of education are usually closed to students for a number of weeks during the summer, this is the best time of year for any new building work or largescale maintenance to be carried out. As any sort of work would be disruptive during term time, it’s essential that work is carried out quickly and during student holidays.

With any building or maintenance work comes dust and mess – in comes the commercial cleaning contract opportunity!

Grounds work

Whilst winter is a busy time of year for many commercial cleaning companies providing grounds maintenance services, the same can be said for the summer months. This time of year is an ideal time to be seeking out grounds work opportunities, including grass cutting, hedge cutting, lawn treatments, turf laying and planting.

At MCS, we are committed to helping our franchisees get off to a quick start and build up their business. If you are looking for the perfect opportunity to be your own boss, call today on 0800 612 0437 or leave us a message.