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Evening Office Cleaning Jobs to Fit Around Family Life

As a franchise owner, expanding your services can be a great way to support employee morale and customer needs. With evening office cleaning jobs, you can provide a flexible cleaning service to businesses looking for an out of hours team. In addition to parents looking for evening jobs.

With the added benefit of making evening jobs flexible to fit around family life, you may notice improvements in employee loyalty, productivity and wellbeing.

Explore below how offering evening office cleaning jobs can benefit both the needs of your customers and team.

Convenience for Customers

During the working day, many offices have a constant flow of traffic of employees chasing their busy schedules. Therefore, to minimise distractions to their busy workflow, some customers may request evening office cleaning. As a franchise owner, this will allow you to provide a more flexible service for increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Improved Employee Morale

By offering part time evening work you can help a lot of parents to fit their work around their family life. For example, parents of young children will have daytime hours free for school runs, assemblies and teacher training days. By offering work in the evening, you can help employees to feel less pressured while at work, reduce clock watching and increase employee retention.

Flexibility for Franchise Owners

Following from the previous point, this can also provide flexibility for you as the franchise owner. There’s no rushing out first thing in the morning to ensure everything is prepared for your next job, thus allowing you to spend daytime hours on either your family life or focusing on other aspects of your business. For example, accounts, client meetings or employee training.

Extending Your Cleaning Services

By extending your service hours with evening office cleaning jobs, this can work well with other projects offices are undergoing. For example, office renovations are often completed outside of typical 9 to 5 working hours. Therefore, your team can work besides them to ensure that renovation clean ups are completed before the new working day.

Creating Vacancies for Evening Office Cleaning Jobs

As an MCS Franchise owner, support is always available for advice on extending your services and creating new job opportunities. When joining us as a franchisee, help is always available to ensure that you and your franchise are reaching your full potential.

For more information, please complete our enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch.