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Cleaning Service Franchises: Opportunities for Young People

Younger generations are known for their entrepreneurial spirit, as they are eager to provide themselves with a healthy work life balance through being self employed. Recent research has found that half of the newest entrepreneurs in the UK were Millennials, with people aged between 25 to 40 setting up 49% of new businesses since July 2020 in the UK.

With so many young adults running healthy side businesses alongside their primary job or setting up businesses of their own, they are more business savvy than ever. Franchising and the rise in entrepreneurial spirit can work hand in hand, by offering business minded people the opportunity to work with a proven business model.

Entrepreneur vs Franchising

While starting your own business from scratch is often considered the goal for an entrepreneur, many people forget the benefits of joining a franchise. Both roles offer enjoyable freedom and flexibility, but with starting your own business comes a lot of heavy responsibility and self teaching.

At the beginning of an entrepreneur's journey they have to manage a lot by themselves while learning along the way, until they are successful enough to grow their team to delegate some of their duties.

In contrast to starting your own business, franchising with MCS offers you support from the very beginning, allowing you to grow your confidence at the same time as growing your business. By also having a proven business model to work with, it can relieve you of the pressure of trying and testing your own business systems until you find the solutions that work best. Franchise support can save you a lot of time, resources and energy as you build your business.

Freedom of Franchising

A major advantage of franchising is the freedom you have to work for yourself, while always having the support of our team. Choose your own working hours, interview your own team and decide on the cleaning services your franchise will offer while benefiting from a support team for IT, human resources, sales, marketing and business and operational support.

Career Growth

When starting your franchising venture, you don't need to feel the pressure about needing to know it all straight away. Our team is here to provide you with full training and ongoing support to help you to learn along the way and develop your professional skills in order to succeed with us.

During your franchising journey you will meet a lot of people and have new challenges to face, all which will contribute to your career growth. This is why cleaning service franchises offer great opportunities for young people with an entrepreneurial spirit, as we can help you take your first steps into running a business.

Cleaning Service Franchises for Young People

While cleaning service franchises may not sound glamorous at first, you need to consider the wider picture. Commercial cleaning services are not just about wiping up spilt tea and refilling bathroom amenities. Professional commercial cleaning services can help businesses to support their teams mental health by providing them with a welcoming and sanitary working environment. A clear space has been said to help clear minds to allow an easier working day and more comfortable working environments.

There are endless approaches to how you can view cleaning services franchises, which can help you to align your franchise values with offering a positive experience to your soon to be customers. For example, if you're not looking at it from a mental health approach, consider how you can be environmentally conscious, supportive of small businesses or an asset in the community. For more information on our franchise opportunities for young people, please get in touch with our team.